Mountain Trail Running: Ciucaș X3 Race Half Marathon 21.9 km

Mountain Trail Running • Half Marathon 21.9 km
Sunday, 8 Sept 2024, 10:00 AM


  • Total distance: 21.9 km
  • Total ascent / descent: 1170 m
  • Maximum altitude: 1856 m
  • Average altitude: 1324 m
  • Minimum altitude: 881 m
  • Longest ascent: 1000 m
  • Longest descent: 500 m

  • Time limit Finish: 7H
  • Record: 1h:44m:33s
  • Posts: Checkpoint (4), Water (3), Revitalization (2), Salvamont (2)


  • Cheia, Prahova (RO)


  • Sunday, 8 Sept 2024, 10:00 AM


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Race 1 March - 13 March 14 March - 31 May 1 June - 1 Sept
Half Marathon 26 Euro 32 Euro 34 Euro

  • GPS tracks are informative and do not replace the guidance on terrain. Both watches and other GPS devices may show errors caused by antenna sensitivity, sky coverage, radio interference etc.


Post * Location Type Alt. [m] Dist. from the Start [km] Dist. to the Finish [km]
Start Cheia Start 883 m 0 km 21.9 km
P1 Buzăianu Ridge 1156 m 3.78 km 17.12 km
P2 La Răscruce 1804 m 9.05 km 11.85 km
P3 Ciucaș Chalet 1613 m 12.6 km 8.3 km
P4 Silva Chalet 1277 m 16.6 km 4.3 km
Finish Cheia Finish 883 m 21.9 km 0 km
  • Posts: - Checkpoint | - Water | - Revitalization | - Direction
    The exact location and numbers of checkpoints and aid stations can change, depending on the weather and/or access possibilities when marking the course. Any changes will be communicated at the technical meeting prior to the start of the race.


  • The track starts, following the blue tape marking that leads to Stânii Valley, through the Buzăianu ridge. From the Buzăianu ridge it splits from the marathon route and climbs through the forest, following the red cross marking.
  • After about 15 minutes of climbing, you reach a clearing where there is also a sheepfold (Stâna din Zăganu). If you did not take water from the hydration point, you can find a spring here, on the western side of the sheepfold.
  • The track continues to climb on the right side of the valley, then reaches a mountain saddle and continues under a group of rocks in the Colțul Vânătorului. Afterwards is exits into the mountain crest. Once on the mountain crest you pass a rocky area equipped with cables, where you can meet members of the Mountain Rescue team.
  • Afterwards you start climbing a final slope towards the Gropșoarele peak, 1883 m- the highest point of the track. From the peak you descend towards the La Răscruce mountain saddle – here you will find a hydration point and also a checkpoint. You should follow the ridge until reaching the Gropsoarele mountain saddle and you start descending throw the forest until reaching the Chirușca mountain saddle, following the red cross marking.
  • From here you only have 10 minutes until getting to the Ciucaș chalet. From this point you will descend into the forest following the track marked with a yellow tape and a blue cross until reaching a signpost. Here you will cross the water following the yellow tape, you will leave behind the forest and you will start climbing in easy steps until getting to a clearing. From this point you descend and you will soon reach the Muntele Roșu chalet. Here there is the final hydration point. From the chalet you descend following the track marked with a blue dot and you get to Cheia.
Mountain Running Route Map Half Marathon 21.9 km Ciucaș X3
Mountain Trail Running Race Half Marathon 21.9 km Ciucaș X3

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