Mountain Trail Running: Ciucaș X3 Race Ultramarathon Crazy Wolf 104.3 km

Mountain Trail Running • Ultramarathon Crazy Wolf 104.3 km
Saturday, 10 Sept 2022, 6:00 AM


  • Total distance: 104.3 km
  • Total ascent / descent: 6600 m
  • Maximum altitude: 1936 m
  • Average altitude: 1273 m
  • Minimum altitude: 596 m
  • Longest ascent: 690 m
  • Longest descent: 880 m

  • Time limit Finish: 30H
  • Time limit CP4 Măneciu Dam (km 25): 7H
  • Time limit CP10 Bratocea Pass (km 53): 16H
  • Time limit CP16 Stânii Valley (km 87): 24H
  • Posts: Checkpoint (18), Water (11), Revitalization (8)
  • Attention! Intermediary time limits can suffer changes depending on the weather conditions and route status. If any, changes will be communicated before the start!


  • Cheia, Prahova (RO)


  • Saturday, 10 Sept 2022, 6:00 AM


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Race 1 May - 1 June 2 June - 1 Sept
Ultramarathon Crazy Wolf 70 Euro 80 Euro

  • GPS tracks are informative and do not replace the guidance on terrain. Both watches and other GPS devices may show errors caused by antenna sensitivity, sky coverage, radio interference etc.


Post * Location Type Alt. [m] Level difference [m] Dist. from the Start [km] Dist. to the Finish [km]
Start Cheia Start 883 +0/-0 0 105
CP1 Buzăianu Ridge 1156 +306/-2.22 3,7 101
CP2 La Băncuță 984 +353/-254 6 99
CP3 Telejenel Valley 679 +893/-1095 18 87
CP4 Măneciu Dam 593 +1203/-1379 25 80
CP5 Poiana Mare 1168 +1673/-1392 30 75
CP6 Stâna Nebunu 1373 +2176/-1671 35 70
CP7 Ulița Peak 1544 +2607/-2020 40 65
CP8 Grohotiș Peak 1768 +3003/-2139 45 60
CP9 Dosul Babeșului 1483 +3007/-2409 48 57
CP10 Bratocea Pass 1268 +3101/-2714 53 52
CP11 Poiana Dălghiului 937 +3961/-3909 66 39
CP12 Ciucaș Peak 1954 +5090/-4057 72 33
CP13 Ciucaș Chalet 1620 +5107/-4396 75 30
CP14 Boncuța Pass 1080 +5333/-5140 84 21
CP15 Sub Tabla Buții 1255 +5506/-5140 85 20
CP16 Stânii Valley 982 +5510/-5433 87 18
CP17 La Răscruce 1794 +6566/-5656 93 12
CP18 Silva Chalet 1250 +6596/-6189 97 8
Finish Cheia Finish 883 +6600/-6600 105 0
  • Posts: - Checkpoint | - Water | - Revitalization
    The exact location and numbers of checkpoints and aid stations can change, depending on the weather and/or access possibilities when marking the course. Any changes will be communicated at the technical meeting prior to the start of the race.


  • The course starts in the same direction as the marathon course, following the blue stripe trail towards Stânii Valley, up to Buzăianu Ridge (CP1) km 3.7 (+306/-2.22m), which we then follow to the right, leaving the marked tourist trail.
  • We follow the ridge, and, after approximately 5 km, we descend towards the forest road which links Stanii Valley to DN1A, reaching the highest point of this path, in the area known as La Băncuță (CP2) km 6 (+353/-254m). Here you will find an aid station where you can refill your bottles. No water will be available for the next 8 km.
  • The next part of the course follows an off-beaten and wild ridge which starts with a mild, then stronger uphill, until you reach Clăbucetul Măneciului Peak 1460m. This peak offers beautiful views over the Ciucas and Grohotis ridges.
  • After passing the peak, the track descends through the forest and, after 2 km, it reaches a water source where you can refill your bottles. From here, we continue on the forest road until we reach the path that descends on the Telejenelului Valley (CP3) km 18 (+893/-1095 m), where you will find an aid station.
  • We then follow the road, on an uphill at first, until we reach the open area above Lake Maneciu. We leave the road descending by two seasonal shelters, until we reach the path that follows the lake's shores. We cross the dam and reach the next aid station (CP4) km 24.5 (+1103/-1379m).
  • From here, we climb up the forest road that takes us to DN1A road, which we will cross, and continue uphill on the yellow stripe marking towards Poiana Mare, crossing the track that leads to the Poiana Mare transmission tower. Here, at the 30 km mark, we find a water supply checkpoint, (CP5) km 30 (+1673/-1392m).
  • After we pass the transmission tower, we follow the forest road that, after approximately 1 km, turns into a forest trail. This trail follows the ridge that takes us to the alpine area of Nebunașu Peak, from where we descend to a small saddle, then continue uphill towards the Nebunu sheepfold, where we find another aid station (CP6) km 35 (+2176/-1671m).
  • We leave the checkpoint and follow the path that climbs Sterpu Peak, passing a water source where we can refill bottles. After the alpine area of Sterpu Peak, we go downhill towards a deep and forested saddle, from where we climb back into the alpine zone. We follow the trail that bypasses a fragmented part of the ridge line, then we reach the saddle under Ulita Peak, which we will climb on a short, but hard uphill.
  • From Ulița Peak, we go downhill towards the trail that follows the Grohotiș Mountains ridge line. We follow it on the right side (direction North). Here we will find a water supply checkpoint: (CP7) km 40 (+2607/-2020 m).
  • We follow the ridge line and, after passing by two adjacent ridges on the East direction, we follow the right-side of the path which climbs Grohotiș Peak 1768m (CP8) km 45 (+3003/-2139 m).
  • From here we go downhill, following the trail, and we pass two peaks: Bobul Mare and Bobul Mic. We then go down towards the saddle behind Babes Peak. A direction checkpoint is available here (CP9) km 48 (+3007/-2409m). After we leave the checkpoint, we continue on the red stripe trail down to Bratocea Pass, where we find another aid station (C10) km 53 (+3101/-2714m).
  • We are now entering the Ciucaș mountain range by following the red stripe ridge trail, up until we reach Șaua Tigăilor saddle. From here, we follow the red stripe downhill, until Poiana Teslei Meadow. We continue on the blue cross markings, downhill towards Poiana Dălghiului Meadow, where we find an aid station: (CP11) km 66 (+3961/-3909m).
  • We continue on the red cross trail that abruptly climbs towards Ciucaș Peak 1954m (CP12) km 72 (+5090/-4057). This is one of two challenging climbs in the race. From Ciucaș Peak, we continue downhill on the red stripe trail until we reach Ciucaș Chalet, where we find an aid station: (CP13) km 75 (+5107/-4396m).
  • From the Ciucaș Chalet we continue to follow the red stripe trail across the Stânii Valley Ridge, downhill towards Boncuța Pass (CP14) km 84 (+5333/-5140m), where we find a water supply checkpoint. From here, we climb towards Tabla Buții following the red stripe trail, until we meet the red cross markings (CP15) km 85 (+5506/-5140m), which we then follow until we reach Stânii Valley. Another aid station is found here (CP16) km 87 (+5510/-5433m).
  • From Stânii Valley, we follow the trail back towards Buzaianu Ridge, but then climb through the forest on the blue triangle path, up the Pârâul Sterp Valley. This difficult climb quickly takes us up to Gropșoarele - Zaganu ridge, where we meet the half marathon course.
  • We pass Gropșoarele Peak on the red stripe trail, and we reach the La Răscruce saddle (CP17) km 93 (+6566/-5656m). Here we turn left to start our downhill on the red triangle trail, until we reach Silva Chalet (CP18) km 97(+6593/-6189m), the last aid station of the race. From here, we continue our final downhill on the blue dot path, returning to Cheia.
Mountain Running Route Map Ultramarathon Crazy Wolf 104.3 km Ciucaș X3
Mountain Trail Running Race Ultramarathon Crazy Wolf 104.3 km Ciucaș X3
Mountain Trail Running Race Ultramarathon Crazy Wolf 104.3 km Ciucaș X3
Mountain Trail Running Race Ultramarathon Crazy Wolf 104.3 km Ciucaș X3
Mountain Trail Running Race Ultramarathon Crazy Wolf 104.3 km Ciucaș X3


Rules and Entry Conditions for the Ultramarathon Race (Individual, Women Open, Men Open)

Participants must provide proof of the successful completion of:

(1) At least 2 trail marathons, in Romania or abroad, between 1 January 2020 and 2022. At least one of the two races must take place in 2022. Qualifying conditions:

  • The total ascent of the mountain marathon must be a minimum of 1500m
  • The total distance of the mountain marathon must be a minimum of 35 km. The only accepted exception: Retezat Sky Race, Custura Race
  • The participant must finish the qualifying mountain marathon in a maximum time of 7 hours
  • Exceptions to the 7 hours rule: Retezat Marathon and Transylvania 100 – 50 k race. All finishers within the race time limit will be considered.


(2) One trail ultramarathon race in Romania or abroad, between 1 January 2020 and 2022. Qualifying conditions

  • The total ascent of the ultramarathon must be a minimum of 2000m
  • The total distance of the ultramarathon must be a minimum of 60 km. The only accepted exception: 2X2 Race
  • If the participant finished the ultramarathon in 2020, they must also provide proof of having finished one mountain marathon in 2022. If the participant finished an ultramarathon in 2021 or 2022, no additional races are required.

General rules:

  1. As proof of qualifying races, participants must provide links of their results in their Racehub account, during or after registration.
  2. The deadline for providing proof of qualifying races is 25 august 2022.
  3. The participant is under the obligation to verify these conditions and to send the required proof as demanded by the organizer, in the form and time limit mentioned above. If proof is not provided, the organizers will reject the participant’s ultramarathon registration request.
  4. Claims received after 25 august 2022 will not be considered.
  5. In the event that a person enrolls in the Ultramarathon race, pays the registration fee but does not meet the participation requirements on August 26, 2022, they will be automatically transferred to the marathon race (The Ridge).
  6. Entry fee refunds are only permitted in case of injuries. The participant must provide medical proof that they are uncapable of attending the race.
  7. Registrations with no valid links to results (rankings) for the 2 required marathons and/or ultramarathon race will not be considered.
  8. We reserve the right to evaluate qualifying races on a case-by-case basis and to reject races that do not fit the mountain marathon profile, as described above. Please do not insist on shorter races. These rules are not negotiable.

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